Objective and Mission

ACTA VŠFS - Economic Studies and Analyses is a peer-reviewed scientific journal whose mission is to publish the results of scientific research work in field of economics, beneficial for the development of theory and relevant to economic practice. It focuses mainly on the issues of private and public finance, the functioning of financial markets, the theory and financing of businesses, human capital development and the social context of economic processes. As analytical, discussion or review scientific articles shall be included original texts, not yet published, reflecting the current state of research in these areas, meeting the methodological and formal principles of scientific papers. The journal thus opens space for the presentation of research results to a wide range of foreign and domestic authors and supports the research cooperation at an international level.

The journal is committed to upholding the highest standards of publication ethics and is an open access publication with full text available. ACTA VŠFS does not charge a fee for publishing articles.

History and development

ACTA VŠFS is a peer-reviewed scientific journal with a long and esteemed history. It was first published in 2007 and has since become a respected academic journal in the Czech Republic and internationally. Currently, the journal is published biannually, with articles published in English.

Over the years, the journal has become a well-respected scientific publication, attracting contributions from both domestic and international scholars. The journal publishes articles by leading scholars in economics and closely related scientific disciplines and research work by emerging researchers and practitioners. The journal has also established partnerships with other academic institutions and organizations, further contributing to its impact and reputation in the field.

The success of ACTA VŠFS can be attributed to the hard work and dedication of several leading academicians, including the late Professor Mojmír Helísek and Associate Professors Antonín Kubíček and Vladislav Pavlát. We pay tribute to their valuable work and commitment and honor their memory. The journal's success is also attributed to Associate Professors Radim Valenčík and Petr Wawrosz, who have served as editors and members of the Editorial Board for many years. Their contributions have been instrumental in ensuring the high quality of the journal and its continued success.

Today, ACTA VŠFS continues to publish high-quality research in economics and related scientific fields, providing a platform for scholars and researchers to share their insights and contribute to the advancement of these fields. The readers of the journal are economists and researchers from social sciences, managers of private and public organizations and other people interested in the objectives of the journal.